Monday, November 9, 2015

The first BB-8 Panel, "Hatch 3"

The postman loves me I think, I'm getting so many packages of brick that he's leaving the "Property of USPS" plastic boxes with all the brick (yes, I leave them by the mailbox for him to collect). Anyway, we have a lot more brick, and so I managed to get the first panel MOSTLY done.

This picture is missing a few of the orange "buttons" on his the orange ring because I don't have the bricks under them yet.  The red dots are placeholders for where the white buttons go on the triangles, but this gives you an idea of the panel. 
Lego BB-8 Panel/Hatch 3
I'm feeling good about the panels, I was wondering about the strength because they're relatively thin, but I can hold it from the edge/end with one hand.  They seem pretty solid!

The design has 6 of these panels that attach at the edges to make a sphere.  They're kind of an ovalish shape and the "ends" of one will attach to the narrow sport of the next one.  Six panels means I have 5 left to do. 

Since both of the white ends are similar that means that the next step is basically an assembly line of the 10 ends of the panels, here's a picture of the beginning of that process.
Lego BB-8 Panel Assembly Line
And here's a picture of inside of Panel 3.  It's not as pretty, but still pretty round so the "hamster" can drive around on the inside of the ball.  I've attached two of the start of the adjoining panels so you can see how they attach.
Inside of Lego BB-8 Panel 3 with wings

That's all for now, but I feel like I'm on a Lego building roll!

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