We're known for building Lego models, including the working Star Wars robots L3-G0, the Lego R2-D2 and MCK-Y, the Lego Mouse Droid.  With the introduction of BB-8 in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, we started wondering about BB-8.  And after Star Wars Celebration and seeing BB-8 rolling around on stage it became a must-do task.

Currently Lego BB-8 is static, though he has a few lights and can talk with a flickering vocoder.  (This video has the old pre-movie-release sounds, they've been updated).

The tentative plan is indeed to make him move, likely with a dual-droid system with independent but coordinated head and body robots.  That differs from how the Lucasfilm BB-8 was built, but we have a more challenging construction material!

He's currently around 11K Lego bricks (which is pretty impressive, L3-G0 is 16K bricks and the Mouse droid 4K).  He wouldn't need that for a static build, but we plan to have him move.

Weight is going to be a big challenge, as is keeping the structural integrity of the sphere.  If the sphere is too heavy, it will collapse under its own weight and be difficult to move.  There are over 100 additional 3D printed bricks coating his interior for strength.  If the head is too heavy we'll have a difficult time keeping it in place on the body.  Currently he weighs about 20lbs/10kg, but he doesn't have motors or big batteries yet.

He'll probably be slower than L3-G0 or MCK-Y, and we have all sorts of concerns about how to drive him without shedding bricks everywhere.

  • 11,000 Lego bricks
  • No Kragle!!!! (Yet, eventually he'll need some when he moves)
  • 100 3D printed bricks
  • Top speed: Currently around 0MPH.
  • No, we don't have instructions, he's entirely a custom build
  • About 20 lbs/10kg
  • Brain is currently a Windows Phone and Arduino
  • Sounds are currently a 15 minute pre-recorded loop.
  • 2500 Ah battery lights the lights all day, circuit is similar to Lara's lightsaber
  • Bricks come primarily from BrickLink and a few from Lego pick-a-brick
Lego BB-8 has been to the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens at the Cinerama, and to a charity event for Discovery Circle members at the Pacific Science Center.

We're members of the BB-8 Builder's Club, R2-D2 Builder's Club, Astromech.net, and RebelDroids.net.  Our other droids have been to Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, Emerald City Comicon, Rose City Comicon, Brickcon, and other events.  Hopefully BB-8 can join us for Celebration in London.

Our Lego BB-8 is a Lego and Star Wars fan creation, not affiliated with Lucasfilm, Disney, or anyone else interesting.  Contact us at BB-8@L3-G0.com.  Non-charity appearance requests require Lucasfilm's permission.

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