Monday, January 11, 2016

More Rotation Testing.... Oops

In my previous post, What's the best way to roll?, I discussed an intriguing alternative to the "hamster" model.  That seems like a pretty promising technique, but is a driveshaft going to "look right"?  Are the 123/456 triangle centers an acceptable point for the center? 

Clearly some orientations are bad.  If the panel rings are in the center, then it'd be pretty obvious that two rings were always on the outside while the others chased each other in circles.  That might be an effect, but it's not the random looking behavior of the movie.

With the driveshaft ends in the middle of a triangle, it'd kind of alternate which side the panel was traveling up under the dome and look less regular and the motion would seem more naturally organic...  In theory at least, but would Lego BB-8 look OK that way?

One way to find out, spin the sphere and see what happens.  Unlike the roll test I decided to hold it and make it steadier. 

BB-8 says "Ack, More Tests!!!!"

That didn't quite work out.

3 of the panels fell off (that sounds better than saying "half the sphere fell apart"), but the test showed, I think, that this axis of rotation is pretty good.  I was going to attempt to rock it a bit as it would when turning, but I think the few seconds of rotation showed that the pattern doesn't look particularly regular, even though it is.

So, it's a go!  Depending on alignment with the panels/Lego I might make it a little off-center from the triangle, but I think this will look good enough!

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